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west elm Site Redesign


One of the big trends in home furnishings around 2010 was the adoption of “green” and “hand-crafted” goods. With this pivot in brand messaging, there was a need to refresh the look and feel of the site, in addition to giving a more modern look that worked well on multiple devices. Working with the marketing team, brand team, and engineering teams, we launched a revamped west elm website that looked to stay ahead of developing changes in how people shop. kept west elm at the forefront of eCommerce by allowing for mobile optimized transactions early in the live on the smartphone.

The redesign started with engineering teams providing wireframes for the screens that would need to be re-skinned. With the marketing and brand teams, we determined the brand voice and look-and-feel. And working with the other creative teams, including the photography and catalog teams, we determined the opportunities to express the new brand direction.


Senior Production Designer

The use of textures, such as masking tape shown here, plays a more prominent role in the visual language.

The use of more hard-drawn elements looks to give a more hand-crafted touch.