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Yahoo Maps

Finding the Right Solution

One of my first projects when joining Yahoo was the revamp of the Maps product. With a new map provider, the goal was to better help our users discover things around locations.


Experience Designer

Searching for a location gives you a bit more information, such as the weather. Also, see some amazing shots from around the area with photos from Flickr.

Searching for a business¬†in that location brings up a bunch of choices. Who wouldn’t search for pizza?

Now all you need to know is how to get to pizza. Get directions to pizza. Don’t forget that jacket! It’ll be foggy.

This project required working closely with the project manager to define the huge number of use cases and edge cases. Because of the detailed workflow, the use cases contained lots of complex flows with many pivots. For example, as someone is searches for a location, they could explore nearby points-of-interest via a faceted search, they could explore a photo stream, or they could get more weather information. And at any point, there are opportunities for typos which require some sort of disambiguation.

After defining the workflows, I worked within the visual framework to define the style and to ensure consistency across the product line. Once the visual design and application experience were approved, I worked closely with the engineering team to ensure the needed visual assets were delivered and specs were provided if needed. QA teams would occasionally provide some feedback and we would make tweaks accordingly. In all, the Maps product was refreshed to bring greater consistency along the Yahoo! Local group of products.